Awesome Games Done Quick raises over $1.2M for charity

In its first outing of the year, speed running event Awesome Games Done Quick raised over $1.2M for charity.

Through the donations of 35076 individuals AGDQ 2016 raised exactly $1,213,146.99, all going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.



This is the third consecutive year the charity event has surpassed over $1M in donations, which is quite the feat considering the content of the event is rather niche within the gaming community.

“I feel good about it,” Mike Uyama, a GDQ organizer, told Polygon.


AGDQ 2016

AGDQ 2016


156 runs in total were completed throughout the week long event, and proved to be a hit on Twitch with most runs peaking over 100,000 concurrent viewers. The completed runs are currently available to view on AGDQ’s official website.

The next charity raising event, Summer Games Done Quick, is set to kick off from June 3 and will run until June 9.


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