European team Epsilon named SMITE World Champions for 2016

The Smite World Championships have ended for another year, and a new champion has been crowned. Epsilon has officially lifted Thor’s hammer, beating former champions Cloud9 both metaphorically and literally in the semi-finals before taking the trophy back to Europe.

In a battle of the second seeds, Epsilon faced up against North American runner-ups Enemy in the best-of-five match, but needed just three games to claim the championship.

It was a case of regional differences in the first game – Epsilon captain iRaffer played a crucial role (again) as support character Ymir, a character that isn’t often chosen by North American gamers.

The second game saw Enemy attempt to fight back, learning from Epsilon’s strategies in the first and working together to prevent a repeat. It wasn’t enough, however – Epsilon solo laner Dimi (playing as Tyr) presented an unstoppable frontline attack, and, along with the team’s midlaner Yammyn (as Isis), effectively won the game for the Europeans.

Game three turned into a battle of the junglers – Enemy fought bravely but Epsilon’s Adapting was just too strong as Thor, helping his team through the Phoenix and onto the Titan… and taking home a cool US$500,000 along the way.

SMITE: This is worth fighting for

SMITE: This is worth fighting for

Following an unusual trend, MVP went to a midlaner for the second year in a row, with Yammyn rewarded for his powerful performances, but acknowledgements must also go to iRaffer, now one of the highest-earning British pro-gamers of all time.

On the other hand, Oceanic team Avant Garde played two sudden-death matches and lost both of them 0-1 – including one to second-placed Enemy and the other to Chinese second seed QG.

The eSports side of Smite now takes a bit of an break following another successful championships, but we’re promised big things – already – from Season 3. Stay tuned!

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