Shovel Knight amiibo can be registered still in packaging

Heads up collectors and profiteering speculators, it turns out that the new Shovel Knight amiibo can be fully utilized while still in the packaging. As long as fully utilized doesn’t include actually touching it…



Brought to light by Youtuber NintenDaan, the reason the Shovel Knight amiibo can be scanned through the packaging- where others cannot- is because it was manufactured by a third party and doesn’t include a metal protective strip that prevents the NFC registration.

This, in theory, means that there is nothing stopping you from scanning this particular amiibo to your 3DS whilst in store. Well, nothing other than your conscience and an overworked retail employee.

With amiibo grey market resales not being too crazy as of late, teamed with the fact that the Shovel Knight amiibo is in ample supply (at least here in Australia), chalk this one up to an interesting tidbit rather than the foundations of a get rich scheme.

The Shovel Knight amiibo retails for $24.95 (AUS).

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