CS:GO team dropped by Aussie organisation after match-fixing allegations

Vietnamese Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Skyred has been ceremoniously dropped by Australia’s 24/7 Esports following claims of match-fixing, just a few weeks after being picked up by the organisation.

Former members of team Skyred

Former members of team Skyred

It’s not a clear-cut case: Skyred has not been formally accused of match-fixing, there is no proof of cheating, and 24/7 Esports Wei-Ning Yong says he doesn’t believe the team actually did what they are accused of, but he is “disappointed” in the rumoured player behaviour:

When there is overwhelming public opinion to the opposite there is no choice but to cease all negotiations. The organization wishes the team good luck in their future endeavors and with their quest to make the majors.

The official statement says that no contracts had been signed between Skyred players and 24/7 Esports, with the organisation saying it will “re-evaluate its involvement” with the South-East Asian region – naming the area as a “strong market” with many talented players.

It looks like Yong and 24/7 Esports might be trying to keep themselves out of trouble. Recently, 21 CS:GO players were suspended – indefinitely – over a match-fixing scandal that rocked the game in early 2015.

At this stage, it’s unclear whether Valve will take any official action against Skyred players, but the Vietnamese community at least has labelled them guilty until proven innocent, and in the world of eSports, that might be just as bad.

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