Hoopa Event coming to Australia

Australian Pokefans can rejoice after recent announcements that the legendary Pokemon Hoopa will soon be available via code distribution at selected retailers. The tiny djinn with the cheesy grin has already been seen in online play due to the Japanese and US events releasing Hoopa codes from June last year at cinemas and McDonalds stores. The Pokemon was first glimpsed soon after the OR/AS games were released and hackers stumbled across the code for Hoopa and unlocked it into their games.


720 600px-720Hoopa-Unbound


While the Hoopa is definitely not a Pokemon to be taken lightly, players can obtain a Prison Bottle which can be used to unleash Hoopa’s PHENOMENAL, COS-MIC POWER, simply by walking into a Pokemart while Hoopa is in their party. Upon using the Prison Bottle, Hoopa transforms into it’s “unbound” form, for 72 game hours. In addition to making the battle animations choppy due to it’s levitating limbs, an Unbound Hoopa receives Attack and Special attack boosts and gains access to it’s signature move Hyperspace Fury. After 72 game hours, Hoopa will return to it’s confined form, but as the Prison Bottle is a reusable item, players can transform Hoopa indefinitely.

Hoopa codes will be distributed in EB Games, JB Hifi and Big W stores from January 18th to 29th.

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