Super Mario Maker: Unlock new costume thanks to Southwest Airlines

It seems that everyone is getting in on the Super Mario Maker action, creating their own levels and minigames using familiar characters and settings. Now, the list of creators includes US airline Southwest – and playing the corporate-designed level is the only way you’ll unlock one of Mario’s costumes!

According to the official blog, Nintendo approached Southwest with the proposal, and the airline “jumped at the opportunity”.

The Southwest Air Adventure level is available now (access it by visiting Course World in Super Mario Maker), and the team seems pretty proud of it:

Users will take to the skies in an air-travel adventure, with unique Southwest-themed obstacles before ending at our signature Southwest Heart, made out of coins, of course!

The exclusive Sky Pop costume is inspired by Super Mario Land, and can only be unlocked by locating a Mystery Mushroom in the Southwest level. Once you’ve completed the rest of the level, the costume’s yours to use in any other levels you like!

It’s not the first time Nintendo’s teamed up with a big name brand like this – there’s been a couple of collaborations with Mercedes Benz in recent years as well, in both Super Mario Maker and Mario Kart 8.

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