Tap My Katamari rolls its way onto smartphones

It’s 2016 and there’s a new Katamari Damacy for you to play! Tap My Katamari is out right now for smartphones around the world, and it’s free! Oh, what a wonderful time to be alive.

We first heard about Tap My Katamari thanks to a trademark registration, which was soon confirmed by Bandai Namco, but we didn’t expect the game to arrive quite so quickly.

Just like in previous titles, The King of All Cosmos has asked you to restore the universe and the stars. Your task is to roll your Katamari ball and build it up in size – because how else are you going to achieve a goal like that?

You’ll start out with little things “like thumbtacks and hamsters”, before getting big enough to pick up cows and cars… and then even bigger, sucking up spaceships and giant squids.

  • TAP the Katamari and start rolling!
  • PICK UP 60 unique objects!
  • GROW your Katamari to a legendary size!
  • ENLIST 35 cousins who will help your Katamari grow with their strange powers!
  • MAKE a star with your Katamari and get precious star tokens!
  • WIN presents from The King of All Cosmos!

If you – like me – spend hours gaming on your smartphones, there’s one very important detail Bandai Namco has tucked away in the game as well. It is playable offline, meaning when you’re in Airplane mode, away from wi-fi or cellular networks or just wanting to save battery, you’ll still be able to roll around to your heart’s content.

This is the first Katamari Damacy game since Touch My Katamari hit the PlayStation Vita in 2012.

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