Watch Windows 95 running on a New Nintendo 3DS

This time of year, people have quite a bit of time on their hands, and they use that time to do all sorts of tricksy things. Today? Here’s a video of Windows 95 running quite successfully on a New Nintendo 3DS.

I mean, this is – obviously – the most practical thing to do with your 3DS, right? It’s the handiwork of Shutterbug2000, from the GBATemp forums. The build uses a RetroArch DOSbox to get the OS working on the latest version of Nintendo’s handheld. According to Shutterbug2000, the same approach simply does not work on an older model 3DS – perhaps because of RAM issues.

Describing the framerate as “not really laggy, but definitely not fast either”, the project really is only of academic interest, although fans are toying with the idea of playing old-school Windows games on the tiny screen. While Windows 95 might not be the most interesting, Shutterbug2000 says that Windows 3.1 is “definitely” possible.

Of course, getting the whole thing running is a little complicated (and, arguably, a little grey in the legal department unless you own a copy of Windows 95 you’re not currently using, etc), but if you’ve got the will, the time and patience – and the desire to put a 20-year old OS on a machine that’ll fit in your pocket – there’s definitely a way.

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