Louis Vuitton hires Final Fantasy 13 star Lightning as new fashion model

Louis Vuitton has enlisted some unusual help for its latest ad campaign, working with Square Enix to make Final Fantasy 13’s Lightning a virtual star. The pink-haired heroine is part of the French designer’s SS2016 collection, with a short clip shared to social media.

Reality and fantasy become one. Lightning a genuine heroine in the new @louisvuitton series 4 ad campaign.

The footage first appeared on Instagram, with LV’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere sharing a short clip of the JRPG star in action. Ghesquiere also confirmed that this is a 100% legitimate collaboration, rather than a fan-service mashup: LV is working closely with Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura on new projects for the fashion house’s latest campaigns.

Louis Vuitton SS16 look focusses on laser-cut leather, with an aggressive, futuristic aesthetic. Women wear slim-fit pants and flowing embroidered dresses, decorative blouses and even one-piece overalls. Motorbike jackets, leather gauntlets and spiked handbags abound. Described as a “sci-fi obsessive”, Ghesquiere has tipped his cap to Evangelion, Minecraft and Tron: Legacy with his latest collection.

…and while this might seem a somewhat unusual direction for a video game character, it’s not actually the first time Lightning has taken to modelling. Back in 2012, she starred alongside her Final Fantasy 13 colleagues to advertise a line of Prada menswear.

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