World of Tanks goes to Toyland with special Christmas mode

Love ’em or hate ’em, Christmas-themed game modes pop up everywhere this time of year. Some are even pretty good. I think my favourite this year though is World of Tanks on console, which kicks off Toy Tanks Mode on December 24.

Emerge victorious from this diminutive holiday battle and you’ll get to celebrate your victory in a shower of wrapping paper and confetti. This battle may be pintsized in scale, but it’s still action-packed!

Described as an “original and festive game mode”, Toy Tanks Mode will drop you into a playroom map, settled into the gunner’s seat of a miniature tank. Trundle past presents, clamber over ramps made of toys, and blast the living daylights out of each other in a fun, holiday battle.

The Toy Tank itself is a Tier 9 model, inspired by the French Tier 5 BDR G1 B. Kitted out with a spring-loaded turret, this tiny terror will zip around the battlefield taking out enemy vehicles with suction cup dart rounds.

Of course, you’ll also get a custom holiday Garage while the limited-time mode is available – such a unique tank needs a unique place to stay, right?

Wargaming notes that the Toy tank has no monetary value, so it’s not worth trying to sell it.

  • When the mode ends, the Toy tank and its Garage Slot will be removed
  • Crews (whether it be Crews provided for the Toy tank or your own) in the Toy tank when the mode ends will be sent to the Barracks
  • Consumables equipped on the Toy tank will be sent to the Depot

There are also some neat holiday-themed emblems (including a skull Santa, scary snowman and a terrified-looking Gingerbread Man), which you can only grab by playing during the holiday season.

Holiday Toy Tank mode kicks off for World of Tanks on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Christmas Eve, December 24, and runs only until Monday, December 28. Be quick, or it’ll be gone!
(By the way, if you like this sort of aesthetic, may we suggest you check out The Mean Greens? We’re hosting servers!)

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