Halo World Championships: ANZ qualifiers start January 3

Think you’re a bit good at Halo? Microsoft and 343 Industries have revealed more details about their upcoming Halo World Championship tournament, which now boasts a US$2 million prize pool (and it’s still growing).

…and – happily for us – this isn’t a “World Championship” like the baseball World Series. This is, truthfully, an international contest. Events will happen both online and in-person, in the US, Canada and Europe, as well as the Middle East & Africa, Greater Asia, Latin America and Australia & New Zealand.

Want in? The qualifying rounds have kicked off this weekend for NA, UK and Germany, but if you’re in Australia or New Zealand, you’ve still got a little while: The first online qualifier will be held on January 3.

Qualifying rounds will be held in Australia and New Zealand on:
3 January, 2016 – First online qualifier – 1 winner
10 January, 2016 – Second online qualifier – 1 winner
17 January, 2016 – Third online qualifier – 1 winner
24 January, 2016 – Fourth online qualifier – 2 winners
31 January, 2016 – NZ AvT Auckland LAN event – 1 winner
7 February, 2016 – Regional Finals for Australia/New Zealand

This is all building up to a huge event from March 1-20 next year, so stay tuned! If you want to get in on all this action, head to the Halo Waypoint for more information. AU/NZ teams can sign up via ESL, and there’s a Quick Guide available with all the relevant details.

By the way, that $2m prize money is just the beginning. A portion of each REQ pack purchased with real-world money in Halo 5: Guardians is being used to help crowdfund the prize pool – it started at $1m and has already doubled. Who knows where it’ll be by March?

Have fun, good luck, and go get ’em, Chief!

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