Final Arkham Knight DLC drops Dec 22, includes new villains and Bat-suit

The final piece of DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight releases on December 22, developer Rocksteady has announced. The DLC will see the return of some familiar adversaries, as well as some alternative skins for Batman and the Batmobile.



The new “Most Wanted” missions under the Season of Infamy series put the Batman toe to toe with fan favorites including Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, Mad Hatter and Ra’s Al Ghul. As for skins, Batman gets to cosplay as Christian Bale from Nolan’s 2008 The Dark Knight, and the Batmobile can sport the same design as the one seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

This DLC is included under the Arkham Knight season pass, and is the last covered under the program.

This content marks the end of Rocksteady’s run with the Batman: Arkham series it originated in 2009. The video above has studio head Sefton Hill talking about the studio’s time working with the Batman, as well as video pertaining to the DLC content.


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