French consumer group intend to sue Valve over Steam user rights

A branch of a national French association for consumer rights is challenging the terms of Valve’s Steam subscriber agreement. Posting a declaration of an intent to sue on its website, UFC-Que Choisir outlines its stance and how it claims Valve violates its users consumer rights.


Better start saving for your next game!

Not Valve’s first day in court


The chief issue UFC-Que Choisir seems to have with Valve is the publishers stance and lack of responsibility in regards to users hacked accounts; of which Valve disclosed incidents of close to 77,000 happening on a monthly basis.

Another issue UFC-Que Choisir takes, linked to the aforementioned one,  is in regards to funds left in your Steam Wallet being irretrievable if your account is banned, locked or inaccessible for any reason.

UFC-Que Choisir main platform for its case is that Valve uses Luxembourg’s consumer law in all countries it operates in, not taking into account each country’s different rules.

This isn’t the first time that a consumer rights group has taken Valve to court. In 2012, a German group made similar claims against Valve, but the case was ruled in Valve’s favor. An Australian organization also filed charges against Valve in regards to its refund policy, which forced Valve to rework its terms and conditions for refunds.

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