Sony wants your input on what PS2 games to bring to PS4

The title and the byline are one and the same, my friends. Sony wants your input on what PS2 games you want made available on PS4.


The swirls calm my savage soul

The swirls calm my savage soul


Through the power of techno-witchcraft known as emulation, Sony is continuing to bring its back catalog of PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation 4; with the number of titles steadily increasing.

Games of note that we’ve seen get a new lease on life on Sony’s new hardware include: Dark Cloud, the classic GTA games, PaRappa the Rapper 2 and arguably the original Star Wars: Battlefronts.

If there’s something you’re itching to play again or never got the chance to the first time round, take to Twitter and let it be known! Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios Dave Thach asked players to submit feedback and requests on Twitter using  the hashtag “#ps2ps4″.



The requests so far have included a just about everything you could imagine, with Gran Turismo, Silent Hill 2 and surprisingly God Hand, popping up repeatedly. Looks like it’s time for Jade Cocoon 2 to get some love!

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