New peer-to-peer video game gambling site opens for sign ups

A new peer-to-peer gambling site specifically for video games is about to launch, offering players the chance to play against others to win- or potentially lose- real money.


Xbox One controller on left, PS4 DualShock 4 on right

You can gamble on the outcome of your games now…



Players interested can sign up at Gaimerz as of now. After registering your gamertags and consoles, the Gaimerz lobby will  match you up with other players. You can scout out your potential match-ups stats before committing to the game and whether you want to play for money or not.

If this is your kink, have at it. Regardless, just be aware it’s still gambling- something the company and website contorts through legal loopholes to avoid saying.

The service is only available in the US now, with the service set to go live in Europe, Australia and Asia shortly.

For those pushing for games to be considered a legitimate sport, look at us go. We’ve already scored the seedy underside of professional sports without even having to try.

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