Destiny will boost your character to level 25, if you’re willing to pay

Here’s a thing. Destiny features nifty little blue crystals known as Sparks of Light. These crystals will take any of your in-game characters straight to level 25 without bothering with all that actual “progression” stuff, dropping you neatly into a whole bunch of new content. If you’ve been playing a while and upgraded to the Taken King content, you would have been given a Spark of Light for your troubles… but if you want another one, you’ll have to pay.



Yep, Activision and Bungie have unveiled new DLC for the game – and you can pick up a Spark of Light class-specific upgrade pack for $45/€30 each. The pack – available for Titan, Warlock or Hunter, contains the level upgrade, a “sub-class boost” and telemetries, which will accelerate your class-specific weapon upgrades.

It means that – if you want – you can skip all of the first-year story content. If you suffer from a fear of missing out (but still want to go fast), you can take it all in via quests from Tower Vendors.

Surprisingly though, this news has all come from the PlayStation Network, with Activision itself remaining quiet on the topic.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen real-money perks added to Destiny, although it is the first that could have any major impact on the game. Previous paid-for DLC was limited to emotes and dances, which hit the game in October.

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