Rare Replay not coming to Wii U, for super serious guys.

In what has to be the most adorable misconception I’ve read since the petition to get Sega to make custom ordered Dreamcast 2s, Wii U owners have apparently got the idea that the Xbox One exclusive Rare Replay will be coming to Nintendo’s little white box.


What a Rare thing that would be...

What a Rare thing that would be…


Born from the fact that the Wii U is finally getting Minecraft- another Microsoft owned I.P-,Wii U owners apparently sporadically hive-minded up to fabricate the rumor that the 30-game collection of classic Rareware  titles was also coming to Nintendo’s Wii U.

Although more misguided wishful thinking than an actual ‘rumor’,  it gained enough traction online through the use of the #RareReplayforWiiU that both Rare – which is owned by Microsoft – and Microsoft Studios had to say that it’s not happening.





Rare Replay launched EXCLUSIVELY for Xbox One August 4. 

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