Kojima forms new studio with former staff, debut game to launch on PlayStation

Hideo Kojima’s contract with Konami officially expires today, and wasting no time the enigmatic auteur of the gaming industry has already gone about forming a new studio, according to report out of Japan.


If he's removing his glasses, you know it's on!

If he’s removing his glasses, you know it’s on!


As reported by Nikkei, Kojima’s new studio is made of former Konami and Kojima Productions’ staff and is currently in negotiations with Sony Computer Entertainment, with the studio’s project expected to launch first on the PlayStation platform.

In October, it was reported that Kojima was leaving Konami and that his non-compete clause would end in December. Konami refuted the report, saying that Kojima was still an employee.

The strain between Kojima and the publisher started in March, when Konami announced corporate restructuring and removed Kojima Productions’ branding from all the Metal Gear Solid 5:The Phantom Pain marketing and promotional material. It snowballed from there, with Konami cancelling Silent Hills– a collaborative titled with director Guillermo Del Toro- the following month.

That’s pretty much all the information available as of the moment, but this is definitely something to watch. With the Konami contract finally expired, I’m sure it won’t be long until we hear what actually happened between the once former great studio and Kojima.

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