Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct roundup: Cloud, Corrin, Bayonetta announced

The final Nintendo Direct presentation devoted solely to Super Smash Bros. had a few cheeky announcements hidden up its sleeve.


Cloud bringing the Smash!

Cloud bringing the Smash!


Surprising no one, Nintendo announced Final Fantasy fan favorite Cloud Strife was going to join the brawl, complete with a Midgar inspired stage to boot.

Cloud was shown rocking his classic FF7 costume, as well as his Advent Children duds and showcased familiar ways of kicking ass that fans have come to love; including a Limit Break as a Final Smash. And just to top off the Final Fantasy hit, Chocobo Mii Fighter hats were also thrown into the mix.

Now on to the crafty shit that caught most people by surprise, Corrin from Fire Emblem and Bayonetta were also announced as upcoming fighters. Each of them comes with their own character specific stage, addition musical tracks and trophies.



These addition character packs for Super Smash Bros. will follow the regular pricing structure, setting you back either $5.99(USD) each for either 3DS or Wii U, or $6.99(USD) to unlock the pack on both.

Topping everything off, Nintendo also announced that amiibo’s of Ryu, Roy and R.O.B (in his classic Famicom colours) would be available from March 18; with amiibo’s of Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta coming in the future.

There was a whole lot of other tid-bits in there too, so feel free to watch the whole presentation above.

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