Take another look at Rez Infinite with direct feed trailer

Ladies and gentlemen, even if you missed PlayStation Experience earlier this month, you don’t have to miss out on seeing what all the fuss is about Rez Infinite. Sure, we can’t bring you the full-body virtual reality experience, but we can bring you a direct feed trailer, which should give you a fair idea of what’s in store.

Just like the original game, you’ll be flying through virtual space, shooting (rhythmically!) at everything that heads your way. However, don’t go thinking the studio’s just revamping some old code – everything’s being built from the ground up for PlayStation VR.

Developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi explains that the original Rez, created in 2001 at Sega, “was not your typical game”. He complains that “not everyone understood” what the developers were trying to achieve, with the game described as “visionary”, “revolutionary” and “ahead of its time”.

Happily, it seems the time has come to revisit Rez.

Rez was released at a time when most home console games were played on small 4:3 ratio tube TVs, with fuzzy pictures and sound that was barely stereo. It’s only playing Rez Infinite on a PS4, especially in VR mode but even on a nice, big, modern flat screen (Rez Infinite can be played both as a normal game or in VR, your choice), that the game comes closest to what we saw in our heads when we were creating it: vivid colors that blend seamlessly into one another, crystal-clear textures, and razor-sharp lines only possible at full 1080p HD, all swimming around you at the speed-of-life 60 frames per second (120 frames per second in PS VR), with full 3D audio (PS VR) or 7.1 surround sound (PS4) that, well, truly surrounds you.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite

If you’re confused or distracted by all the numbers and “technical mumbo-jumbo”, don’t worry. Mizuguchi is quick to point out that the only thing important about the technology behind Rez Infinity is “how it makes you feel” – the game really is the futuristic synaesthesia experience the developers had planned from the beginning.

Strap yourselves in, folks. We don’t yet have a timeframe for Rez Infinite, but when it gets here, this one could be something very special.

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