New job listings on Irrational Games website hints at open world, story driven FPS.

The artist formally know as Irrational Games is looking to expand its team, with a new job listing on their careers website hinting at details of what the team is currently working on.


Ken Levine in all his wonder...

Ken Levine in all his wonder…


Amongst the requirements listed for the systems designer position being offered is experience with open-world games, with the listing specifically naming the Borderlands series and Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor as examples. This could hint at a pseudo-open world experience for the Boston based studio’s next game, and corresponds with Creative Director Ken Levine previous statements that his next game wouldn’t have a linear narrative and would be larger in scope.

Equally as notable for fans of Irrational’s previous work is that the listings for both the systems designer and QA manger state a “Passion for narrative First Person Shooters” as a desirable requisite. Needless to say this description is strikingly reminiscent to studio’s BioShock franchise, which paired strong narratives with FPS mechanics.


Elizabeth in 'Burial At Sea'

Elizabeth in ‘Burial At Sea’


Another thread that can be pulled from the job listings is in the post for the QA manager. Irrational asks that applicants should have experience with Windows PC games, and especially those that launch on Steam. That one bullet point alone can give PC fans something to to get excited about.

These are just two of the newest job listings have popped up on the studio’s career page over the last year. In March, Irrational put a listing out for a senior programmer to join the project, particularly one with experience in Unreal Engine 4.

Details other than those are sparse at best. With parent company 2K retaining the rights to the studio’s hit Bioshock series, I cannot wait to see what original game Irrational puts out next.


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