Nintendo’s future focused on mobile and amiibo

In an interview with Time, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime discussed the upcoming direction of Nintendo heading into 2016, specifically the entertainment juggernauts mobile and amiibo heavy future.

Reggie's all about enunciating with his hands

Reggie’s all about enunciating with his hands

Nintendo’s endeavor into the mobile and smart device market has been anticipated by many for a while now, with Nintendo officially announcing the move in March. Files-Aime took the opportunity with Time to reiterate the company’s focus on growing their I.P  through the creation of new content for mobile players.

“It’s not simply taking existing games and porting them over to smart devices as the answer,” Fils-Aime said. “Our answer is to create new compelling experiences that leverage what smart devices do.”

“Unfortunately, there’s a simplistic mentality out there, that ‘Make a Mario game for smart devices’ is a recipe for printing money,” he said. “And it’s not. It just simply is not. It’s that Kyoto craftsmanship mentality that says whatever we’re going to do, it needs to be a wonderful experience for consumers.”

New Nintendo 3DS

Amiibo and mobile?

This position is has been shared and reaffirmed by many in Nintendo, most notably by former president Satoru Iwata during the company’s first discussions on its interest in smart device platforms. Iwata’s successor, Tatsumi Kimishima, similarly backs this position and mantra, noting to Time in an earlier interview this month that this move was  to make its franchises as accessible as possible to a wider audience.

Fils-Aime continued, stressing that the company’s mentality of creating titles built to match and utilize their platform would transfer to the mobile market.

“We will absolutely continue our traditional maxim of developing software that matches the hardware,” said Fils-Aime. “We have looked at the limitations of software design on mobile platforms, and worked within those parameters. A 3DS game that requires the full manipulation of joysticks and multiple buttons can’t be exactly replicated on a touch-screen mobile device.”

“Our strategy is not to port games developed for our dedicated systems to smart devices as they are. We have to develop new software experiences that give people the opportunity to interact with Nintendo IP and that matches the play style and control of smart devices.”

Files-Aime also took time to focus on Nintendo’s range of NFC enabled figures, amiibo.

“I dwell on [amiibo] because in many ways it’s reflective of where Nintendo’s going in the future,” he explained.

While Kimishima told Time that Nintendo needed to specifically work on making amiibo’s connectivity features more explict to consumers, Fils-Aime took a much simpler approach, however, expressing the importance of the figures bringing happiness to the consumers whilst “leveraging [Nintendo’s] IP.”

“We are going to leverage our IP to make people smile.” Fils-Aime said.

Nintendo plans begins the rollout of its smartphone games in March 2016, with five planned for release through till 2017.

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