The pains of a gamer growing older

With the the holiday season looming upon us and my chocolate engulfing status indicator wiggling frighteningly close to ‘ON!’ for another month, I think to myself that many years ago, during school breaks such as those at this time of year I would be planning on finally beating that game that had been mocking me at the time. Whether it was because it was hard or just freakin’ long, I needed to beat it and move on, Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat etc.

I used to wonder what happened to the good old fashioned time-sink games of my youth. I have all too many great memories of games like the Final Fantasy series and other well renowned RPGs that I played for many, many hours, heck I even remember sinking plenty of time into titles like Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Bros, Jak & Daxter and a whole heap more too… what happened? Why are games so disposable now as some quick fling?

Just recently I figured it out, an epiphany, if you will.

I got older.

I really, REALLY love the Legacy of Kain series, especially Soul Reaver!

I really, REALLY love the Legacy of Kain series, especially Soul Reaver!

I realise that it’s obvious that I have aged and would it stand to reason that I’ve improved over years of practice so of course I’m going to tear through this year’s Call of Duty quicker, at this point we all have an in-built understanding of those sorts of games and their systems, the tried and tested march of iteration.

By ‘got older’ I of course mean ‘got busier’.

I simply don’t have the time to enjoy my favourite entertainment as much I normally would any more. Games aren’t disposable, nor a quick fling, they’re one of the greatest forms of entertainment on the planet, I’m just sad that I can’t play them as much I used to.

As any Jurassic Park fan would say, however,  life finds a way.

A game does not need to be a big name RPG or MMO to be long anymore, although they’re certainly still there, but now some games resort to raw difficulty, repeatable activities or rogue-like tendencies to lengthen a games lifespan. So long as there is enough content to keep me playing without feeling like I’m not working towards something, I’ll be happy to chip away at them little by little until I’m satisfied. I want them to be fun enough and there to be enough content to justify not only my full retail monies but also the time I spent playing them. Downloadable content does not count, in my opinion, for justifying the initial purchase of a game. It’s nice when done right, but it does not count as a viable reason to buy a title, if Super Mario World was re-released tomorrow but I had to buy the star worlds as DLC, I would not waste my time, even though it is one of my favourites.

witcher 3 - pretty

Simply stunning, encapsulating.

I suppose in a roundabout way I’m actually asking, what do you think? What is/are the game/s you can remember playing for hours on end? Was it in the last 12 months? Mine was, it was a combination of Bloodborne (Platinum!) & The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, because those games are awesome, I mean REALLY good, plenty to do and see and I simply could not get enough of them.

Rocket League too…for different reasons, is surprisingly also one of the games I’ve spent the most time with this year. Bless you and damn you all at the same time Rocket League!

Let us know what you think, favourite time-sinks, what could you simply not get enough of and why? Have you, like me had to cut-back on gaming because of grown-up stuff?
Answers on a postcard… or failing that, the comments, our forums or tweet us @PlayerAttack or me @MikeNotridge – I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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