Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival scores Rick and Morty & The Simpsons writers

Just throwing it out there, I fucking love Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you have no idea what this bizarre titled thing I’m referring to is, let me educate you. The jist of the show was that a janitor was launched into space- against his will, may I add- aboard a satellite and is forced to watch a deluge of terri-good 50s B-movies, as part of an experiment to find the worst film of all time. To keep his sanity, the janitor crafted some robot companions for company and to help him watch through all the movies.


Still warms my cockles

Still warms my cockles


The plots cheesy and wonderful, but as a viewing audience what we get is to watch a bunch of obscure, shitty old movies and have these hilarious characters rift over the top of them. It’s baically what you do with your buddy’s on a Friday night…only with robots made of pizza boxes. Actually, that does kinda sounds like my Friday nights.

Anyhow, the creator of the show Joel Hodgson took to Kickstarter almost a month ago to get fan support to bring the show back.  The campaign is heading into its final hours- having hit $2.5 million over its $2 million goal- and Hodgson has revealed some rewards for the revived series. In the project’s latest update, Hodgson named several of the members of the writing staff for the new show, including Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty), Ernie Cline (Ready Player One) and Dana Gould (The Simpsons).



They will serve as guest writers for the series, which, at its current level of funding, can produce nine episodes of a proposed twelve. Other writers who will be contributing to the project include several from the original series’ staff, including Rob Schrab (the director of the next Lego movie) and Paul Chaplin, who wrote 144 episodes of the previous show.

The talent doesn’t stop with the joke writing staff either, with Robert Lopez, the Tony and Oscar-winning songwriter of Avenue Q and Frozen, contributing original songs to the new series.

I can’t wait for this revival to become a reality! And here’s hoping the successful funding and mass interest the revival clearly generated will get the show picked up by an online distributor for further episodes. Here’s looking at you Netflix.

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