Teaser for new Japanese Godzilla movie, from creator of Evangelion

Proving Japan just can’t get enough of giant, city-destroying monsters- and rightfully so in my opinion-, Japanese film production house Toho is releasing a new Godzilla! The real kicker here?  It’s coming from Hideaki Anno, the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion!


Damn son!  Get a dental plan!

Damn son! Get a dental plan!


A brief teaser for the project, titled Godzilla: Resurgence, doesn’t give away much but highlights a Kaiju tradition as old as time- Japanese citizens running wildly from  something. From this teaser many are speculating that the new Godzilla flick will be of the found-footage genre, a la Cloverfield was in the West.



Adding to the fanfare, the above poster is doing the rounds of the internet at the moment. There has been no clarification if it is official or an awesome fake yet, but Anno being involved gives it some credence as the new look Godzilla has some definitive Angel-esque characteristics from Anno’s most famous work.

Anno has written the screenplay for Godzilla Resurgence, which he’s co-directing with Shinji Higuchi, a special effects supervisor. Higuchi also worked on Evangelion and several live-action Gamera films.

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