CS:GO’s new gun may be a smidge unbalanced

Valve released an update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yesterday that added a bunch of new features including a “Killer Replay” kill cam, timeouts in competitive matchmaking and- straight up most importantly-  holiday sweaters for the chickens. The addition causing the most ruckus amongst the CS community though is the addition of a new weapon, the R8 Revolver, that many say is pretty wicked unbalanced.



CS: Cowboy update

CS: Cowboy update


The new R8 Revolver can be subbed in for the Desert Eagle Pistol in a players loadout options. A little pricier than the Deagle- costing $850 a round as opposed to $700- the R8 Revolver more than makes up for that, with players equating its stopping power to an AWP. For those unfamiliar with CS lingo, that’s a pistol as powerful as the most expensive and most beast sniper rifle.

Here’s Valve’s official spiel for the revolver dividing a community:

The R8 Revolver delivers a highly accurate and powerful round at the expense of a lengthy trigger-pull. When emergency point-blank stopping power is required, fanning the hammer boosts rate-of-fire, but eliminates precision.

The community’s summise of the new weapon however seems to be variations of this Reddit poster’s feelings:

“It has insane range, is perfectly accurate while moving, one-shots in the gut at ludicrous range, one-shots in the chest from medium range, and can be quickly emptied with the alt fire which is more effective at close range than any shotgun,”



As you would expect, there have already been vocal calls for the revolver to be nerfed and/or removed form use in competitive matches. In saying that, the revolver seems to be splitting professional CS:GO players, with some calling for it’s removal and while others are suggesting to wait a little longer to see how it plays out before passing judgment.

Interestingly, e-sports gaming league ESL decided not to use the latest version of CS:GO for the upcoming ESL proleague season 2 finals. ESL vice president, James Lampkin, said the decision was reached in collaboration with player feedback, in a post to Reddit.

“With the number of game play changes and weapon changes, we all felt that this is really important to maintain the competitive spirit of the event given the amount of money and prestige on the line,” Lampkin said. “With having the patch land very close to the event (and players already being onsite), we don’t think it would be reasonable to expect players to have enough preparation, so we are rolling back.”

I’m in the camp of waiting to see what happens, because if I can be a terrorist stopping cowboy CS:GO just got a hell of a lot more interesting for me again!

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