Apple crowns Lara Croft, Pillars of Eternity, Prune in Best Of 2015 list

The team at Apple has spent the better part of the year hunched over keyboards, smartphones and tablets and have now emerged, bleary eyed and blinking, to tell us about the Best Things available on the App Store right now. While we’re happy to learn about productivity and photography, what this really means is a handy dandy list of the games you should be playing right now – and most will fit in your pocket. (Particularly if you’ve got pockets big enough for an iPad.)

Best Of 2015

Best Of 2015

This is a collection of the best stuff you can get for your Apple devices, made by third-party developers and judged by Apple. For the first time, the official Best Of list contains watchOS and tvOS titles alongside the traditional iPhone, iPad and Mac.

We debated. We argued. Everyone had favorites, but to make this list of 2015’s finest, there could be no doubts. What you see here made the cut—they’re the most visionary, inventive, and irresistible apps and games of the year. After you’ve browsed our selections, don’t miss the titles that topped the charts in 2015.

Quickly skimming over the App side of things, photography did well, with Periscope named Best for iPhone and Affinity Photo best for Mac. The Robot Factory (a nifty creation that lets you create, test and collect robots) is best for iPad, while HBO Now wins for Apple TV and innovative weather forecaster Dark Sky has taken things home for the Apple Watch.

…but what you really want to know is what games you should be playing, and we’ve got all the details for you.

iPhone Game of the Year is the thoroughly awesome Lara Croft GO, which also took home Mobile Game of the Year at last week’s Game Awards.

Patrick Naud, studio head of Square Enix Montréal says:

From its legacy to its dedicated fan base, the Lara Croft franchise demanded and deserved the best GO adaptation we could possibly deliver. We worked tirelessly to make Lara Croft GO a truly special experience, and being chosen by Apple over so many other games is a humbling reflection of our team’s passion and hard work.

The iPhone runner-ups are also worth checking out: Fallout Shelter and Mr Jump. Warhammer 40k: Freeblade was named as Best Game for iPhone 6s.

iPad Game of the Year is indie darling Prune, created by Joel McDonald (who’s jumped to smaller projects after spending his life working on games like Call of Duty and Wolfenstein).

Can hardly believe these words are coming out of my mouth, but Prune is @AppStoreGames iPad Game of the Year!!!

There are some great games out for the Apple Watch these days, but Rules! has been picked as the best of the bunch, with fans appreciating the “daily brain workout mini-game” they can play on their wrist.

Finally, Best Game of the Year for Mac is the incredible Pillars of Eternity, which is on sale now for 25% off.

Overall, it’s an interesting collection of games (and apps), ranging from the full-priced premium offerings to the freebies you can pick up and play right now. It’s a great list, which you can access through the App Store – and having played most of (!) the games mentioned, I think I agree with the judges.

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