Indie title Who’s Your Daddy is as wonderfully uncomfortable as it sounds

You may or may not of seen screenshots of this game floating around the web over the last couple of days- depending on your Internet haunts- but let me put some context to them. Who’s Your Daddy is an¬†asymmetric multiplayer game where one player is a bumbling father and the other is a baby hell-bent on ending it’s own life. Huh. Context really doesn’t help much.


It clearly wants to die...

It clearly wants to die…

Here’s how the developer describes the gameplay: “As the father, it is your goal to protect your son from your dangerous, unbaby-proofed home. You will need to cover up power outlets, install cabinet locks, and stash pills out of the reach of your son. As the baby, you will need to explore your home and attempt to take your own life with whatever deadly objects you come across.”


No baby! Bad infant!

No baby! Bad infant!

The game seems to encapsulate the battle- and associated fears- of owning a tiny human who hasn’t quite got a handle on the whole self preservation deal yet.

Who’s Your Daddy is currently an Alpha build, with the only game mode being online multiplayer, and is gathering quite a bit of support on Steam Greenlight.

If this experience is something you need in your life, head over here to grab the alpha now.

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