Skourge Legacy is stuck in the 90s (and that’s a good thing!)

Remember the game described as Pokémon meets Fallout? It’s a game called Skourge Legacy, and we’ve managed to get our hands on a first-look gameplay teaser. This is just part of the multimedia onslaught that’s headed our way – Skourge Legacy promises to be a TV series and line of toys as well as the game – and we are well and truly intrigued.

The glorious original pixel art featured in the video is from Australian artist Jacob Janerka, who’s been inspired (just a little bit) by the classic games of the 90s, creating a 2D multiplayer brawler/creature collector.

Because Skourge Legacy is all-new, creator Wade K Savage would like to introduce the main characters to you early. This month, he’s kicking things off with Yibb, the franchise’s mascot. To celebrate Yibb Month, the development team is running an (international!) competition to win the first ever Yibb toy – and entering couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is send us something creative. It can be cosplay, a video, a song, fan art – anything. So long as it’s about Skourge Legacy.

Skourge Legacy

Skourge Legacy

To enter, simply post your creation – a screenshot, a video, a photo – to social media, using the hashtag #SkourgeLegacy (simple, huh?).

The competition is running until the end of 2015, with the winner announced in “early January 2016”. Good luck!

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