System Shock 3 teased with new site

Well, this is something I was never expecting to see. It looks like we can expect a third installment in the precursor series to Irrational Games’ hit Bioshock franchise, System Shock.


Such tease...

Such tease…


Being tackled by Otherside Entertainment, the small team currently working on Ultima Underworld successor Underworld Ascendant, information on the project is rather scarce. The tease, as of the moment, amounts to a page with a flickering logo and links to various ways of getting updates.

My surprise comes from the series having essentially been in copyright purgatory for the past 15 years. It’s a long an complicated story, but after the original developer, Looking Glass Studios, liquidated (just after releasing System Shock 2) the rights for the I.P went all over the shop; with no single legal entity holding enough to legal pieces needed to publish and package the former games or any new ones.

This is very much a watch this space deal, with half of me expecting a crowd source announcement in the foreseeable future.

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