Player Attack’s Steamy Secret Santa!

Do you know what is awesome? Cats on the Internet! Do you know what is even better than cat on the tubes? Giving gifts to amazing people!

We are now in the gift giving season except, if you are anything like me, most of your groovy gift giving is wasted on people like your siblings families, or that painful uncle who you only see one day a year who drinks all of your beer and leaves the cut-price goon he brought untouched. Well Player Attack has a solution for you and all it takes is a bit of forum participation (a high price, I know)!



The Steamy Secret Santa is a lonnnnnng-running tradition on the now defunct (read: murdered by heartless capitalism) games website Games.On.Net that has found new love and home here at Player Attack! What happens is after you are assigned your super special Steamy gamer, you send any gifts (Plural! Because you can send as much love as you want because you are such an amazing person at being awesome!) to the Player Attack’s Santa Steam account who will then gift that on to your eagerly awaiting giftee who will be sending their gifts to their giftee and so on and so forth!

The above is a very simplified version of the going ons but enough to get you excited for the holiday season of gaming!

Click here for more information, and sign-ups, and click here for the forum discussion if you need to ask any questions… but act fast! Sign-ups all need to be in by Sunday, December 13!

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