Check It Out: The Mean Greens

As Ron Perlman likes to frequently recount: War. War never changes. This couldn’t be anymore true than in regards to the longest running conflict known to toy manufacturers worldwide; the war of green vs. tan! Before you think I’ve gone done lost my mind, I’m referring to none other than plastic army men in all their stab you in the foot glory!



Studios Virtual Basement (Ark: Survival Evolved) and Code HQ have brought this subtle war to Steam in The Mean Greens, a third-person shooter from the perceptive of these toys, fighting in grand (to them) scale battles in distorted everyday environments. Think Micro-Machines…just with guns…and orphaned plastic children.

The environments are wicked unique and the gameplay is straight up fun- I played it earlier this year and got my ass handed to me by a bunch of 12 year olds. So, if you’re looking for a fun shooter to help alleviate the feeling of bitterness in your heart put there by another certain battlefront, give this one a look.

The Mean Greens will be available on Steam December 8 (US time) and will set you back $9.99 (USD) during the Steam Holiday Sale.

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