EA admits Star Wars Battlefront lacked the depth some fans wanted

If you, like myself, got Star Wars Battlefront day one and after about 7 hours realized that it was monotonous, unbalanced and heavily lacking in content, well, EA has offered up a reason for that feeling: they wanted to make it as accessible as possible.


Graphic depiction of the sales...

Graphic depiction of the game’s sales…


Speaking at a Nasdaq conference as reported by Gamespot, EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgenson said that by catering to as wide an audience as possible, the game may have alienated hardcore shooter fans.

“Star Wars Battlefront is a first-person shooter, but it is [one of] the only teen-rated first-person shooters. We had designed it to be a much more accessible product to a wide age group,” he said. “So, an 8-year-old could play with his father on the couch, as well as a teenager or 20-year-old could play the game and enjoy it. It is more accessible. And for the hardcore, it may not have the depth that they wanted in the game.”


Those predictions are cold, man.

Those predictions are cold, man.


Accessibility and depth should never be counterweights to each other, just look at Gamefreak’s Pokémon for a prime example. What EA and Dice are guilty of is much simpler, sloppy design and a rushed schedule to match a box office release. EA are still expecting the game to sell 13 million units, thanks in part to the films release and holiday season, despite retailers stating that the game is underperforming in regards to sales expectations.  

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