Fallout 4 gets first official PC patch, consoles later this week

After a few beta updates, Bethesda have just released the first official patch Fallout 4 on PC.


Please stand by. Your fixes are here

Please stand by. Your fixes are here


The patch, version 1.2, combines some changes from the previous beta patches into one. Bethesda confirmed it’s aiming to have this patch available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players this week. The patch is pretty damn small, clocking it at 218.8 MB, and feature these changes:

New features

  • Number pad keys can now be used for remapping (PC)
  • Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container (PC)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Performance improvements inside the Corvega Assembly Plant
  • Optimizations to skinned decal rendering
  • Fixed issue with player becoming stuck in terminals
  • Fixed issue where equipped weapons become locked after completing Reunions
  • Fixed issue with “When Freedom Calls” where the quest would not complete
  • During “Confidence Man” fixed issue where player’s health would continuously regenerate
  • Fixed crash related to jumping into water and reloading saved games
  • Fixed issue where Launcher would not save God Rays Quality setting properly (PC)

Hopefully that should subside the woes of some PC gamers. Aaaaaand back to wastes I head. “I’ve got spurs, that jingle jangle jingle….”


Apparently the word on the cyber-street is that the recent patch disables mods on start up. However, a helpful fellow from our forums Anon. E. Moose threw this out there:

“The patch also adds a new launcher that disables mods on startup, and the .INI edit that previously got around this limitation no longer works. There is a fix, but it’s not the most streamlined process ever: You’ll need to launch the Nexus Mod Manager, then launch Fallout 4, then switch back to the NMM and re-enable mods, then go back to Fallout 4 and do your thing.”

Don’t worry friends, you get keep all your John Cena mods after all. Happy continued modding!

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