Epic Games reveals Paragon… surprise! It’s a MOBA!

Epic Games has finally explained exactly what it’s been teasing with those Paragon reveals. The new game – which uses Unreal Engine 4 – is, believe it or not, a MOBA, which puts gamers in “direct third-person control” of the various heroes.

The announcement was made over the weekend at PlayStation Experience, which leads neatly into the next big reveal: The Epic Games title is not a PC exclusive! Instead, Paragon is headed to PS4 as well as the home computer, which took a few fans by surprise.

The heroes we’ve already met are just a small sampling – the roster is described as “ever-expanding”. Each deck you build can be upgraded to keep things fresh. If you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll be able to earn cards to customise your heroes’ abilities, so – hopefully – you won’t all be playing with the same few characters. These cards will also give you the ability to create different combinations, “creating dominant strategies” as you play, and unlocking more as you continue.

The game itself is a familiar one – 5v5 battles in three lanes. And yes, there are minions, towers and cores… basically everything you’d expect from a MOBA!

Unfortunately, like all of Epic’s latest projects, it’s still a long way off. Paragon will launch into (paid) Early Access in mid-2016, with an open beta kicking off after that.

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