PS Experience Roundup: Rez is back baby!

Ooohhh shit! Those crazy kids at Q-Entertainment have pumped new life into a forgotten little title Rez, unleashing it onto the PlayStation 4 as Rez Infinite! This pleases me in ways that mere text will have difficulty relaying, bar from the use of excessive exclamation points- but i don’t play that way. Anyhow, this new lease on life for Rez is what executive producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi says “[is] what we saw in our heads” when the team first started development on the original Rez.



“This is the futuristic synesthesia experience I’ve wanted to create from the beginning,” he said. “Hopefully, it makes it easier to forget the fact that you’re sitting in front of a TV playing a game, and instead lets the real world melt away into a swirl of incredible sights and sounds that could only ever exist in your imagination.”

“That’s exactly how we want players to feel — that they aren’t just playing Rez Infinite, they’re living it. This is the ultimate version of Rez.”

For you folk that like the technical spiel, Rez Infinite can be played in VR mode or regular mode, displaying at full 1080p HD and running 60fps on PS4, and 120fps on PS VR. The virtual reality version will also feature full 3D audio while the PS4 version features or 7.1 surround sound.

And if you’re wondering what the hell the silver jumpsuit is, well friends, that’s the updated version of the Trance Vibrator- wait for dirty thoughts to subside-, the aptly named Synesthesia Suit. The suit has 26 rumble actuators sewn throughout and pulses to the beat of the game, with Q-Entertainment releasing the suit as a one-off promotional item.

More information on Rex Infinite and the Synesthesia Suit will be announced at a later date.

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