PS Experience Roundup: Final Fantasy VII remake gameplay

I’m not going to lie, my nostalgia receptors are kinda going into overload over this; and a part of me thinks that was exactly part of Square’s master plan. Well played Sqaure, well played. My excited inner child aside, Square Enix used the PlayStation Experience event to showcase new video- complete with gameplay- from their upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake.



The video was introduced by Nomura and Kitase, and was greeted by the audience with the exact response you’d expect. Nomura and Kitase also took the opportunity to announce that the (fixed) PC version of Final Fantasy VII would available as of then on the PS4; sweetening the pot for those that buy it with a custom theme for their PS4 featuring Cloud from the FFVII Remake.

The trailer features the iconic intro of the original and even gameplay footage of the combat, which look fast and reminiscent of Crisis Core. Needless to say, I’m smiling pretty hard right now.


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