Resident Evil 2 Remake to be a true remake, not a remaster

In a gaming landscape where remasters of popular games are becoming a dime a dozen, Capcom’s latest investor report seemed set to disappoint fans when it referred to the recently green-lit Resident Evil 2 project as a “remaster.”


Public transport will be the death of me!

Public transport will be the death of me!


Capcom UK’s marketing director Stuart Turner quickly took to Twitter to alleviate anyone’s doubts, stating that it was a translation error and that the new Resident Evil 2 will be a “full from the ground up remake.”

Other than the confirmation of it’s ‘remake’ status and the fact it’s production will be spearheaded by Hiroyuki Kobayashi (RE 1/2 and Dino Crisis), we know literally nothing else about the project…except for my raging excitement, that is!

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