Second DOOM multiplayer alpha goes live today

If you missed out on the first closed alpha test for id Software’s newest outing with their DOOM franchise, fear not, as you’ll possibly have a second chance!


Say hello to my boomstick!

Say hello to my boomstick!


According to the DOOM testing FAQ, those who brought Wolfenstein: The New order before May 26 2014 and redeemed their beta code may be chosen to participate in this weekend’s new technical test.

You won’t get much of a fanfare if you make it in, with both PC and console users having it automatically appear in their games library, if selected.

This new alpha test goes live AT 7:00 pm PT December 3, which is 2:00 pm AEST December 4 for us.

DOOM is set to release Spring 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.


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