Adorable petition for Sega to release a new Dreamcast

For your obligatory adorable fluff piece of the day- like when reputable news outlets waste time on winter fashion for cats- I give you a petition sent to Sega of America demanding the design and release of a Sega Dreamcast Limited Edition Console.


Artist rendering of a dream

Artist rendering of a dream


Aaaand everyone altogether now: ‘Awwwwww, you think that’ll happen? That’s adorable!’

The petition, which has 16,080 supporters at the time of writing, is posing a seriously unrealistic demand on the Japanese ex-hardware developer.  Not only does the design spec require a ‘new but similar design’ with HD up-scaling and an original GD-Rom drive (for it to play original discs), but also a fully fledged online architecture for multiplayer and downloading games directly to the HD from a storefront.

The petition writer thinks that this is will be a profitable endeavor for Sega and in making the console made to order, it’ll mitigate the financial risk.

Oh boy. A company that posted a loss of $125 million in 2014 (although they managed to post a profit of 7.9 million this fiscal year) is not going even consider this. Only focusing on the production cost per unit would make it horribly nonviable, with the cost to the consumer putting this imaginary nostalgia machine well out of anyone’s price range.


The O.G beast in all its glory

The O.G beast in all its glory


I know it may sound brutal but it’s just how it is. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my Dreamcasts and the classic games that released for them. I put it to you, if you really want to replay the ‘Cast, just buy one. Seriously, as far as retro consoles go Dreamcast’s don’t cost very much ($100 for a decent one). And if the price of games is your concern (as they can get kinda expensive) you can easily get the roms, burn them to a CD and run the Dreamcast with a readily available boot disc. Problem solved!

Gamer’s and petitions. They always make me smile.

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