Harmonix’s Amplitude finally releasing worldwide in January

My friends, this story is like Ronseal wood stain: it does exactly what it says on the tin. Harmonix’s crowdfunded reboot of Amplitude, which originally launched on the PS2 in the way back when of 2003, will be available on the PSN January 5, 2016 for $19.99 (USD).



That is unless you chipped in more than $40 to the Kickstarter campaign, which will allow you access two weeks earlier on December 23.

The game was originally slated for a March 2015 release after exceeding its funding goal of $775,000 but missed the window. Following that hiccup, it was pushed to a summer release date, before finally settling on the now announced release date.

Along with a solid release date,  we are also now privy to a full, final setlist, which was detailed in the update. Contributors to the soundtrack include developers (Insomniac Games), gaming music composers (C418 of Minecraft and Darren Korb of Transistor) and even Kickstarter backers.

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