GTA: San Andreas port appears on PS3

Hey, just quietly, Rockstar have sneaked GTA: San Andreas back on the PS3 PlayStation Store today, following weeks of rumors about a remastered port.


For fucks sake! Follow the train C.J!

For fucks sake! Follow the train C.J!


The new PS3 version replaces the PS2 Classics version of the game with the iOS port, which totes enhanced graphics, more detailed and dynamic shadows, a greater draw distance, and improved character and car models. This is the same port that Xbox 360 users got their grubby mitts on last October.

However, this all round enhanced port is lacking something that made the original PS2 release so memorable; the O.G soundtrack. Due to the proverbial beast that is licencing issues, the new port is said to be missing 10 tracks; which isn’t too bad considering the Steam version lost 17 tracks on its release last year.

If you don’t own the original and a PS2 (or Xbox Prime, if that’s your flavour) the PSN release will set you back $14.99 (USD) and 2.1 GB of your download quota.


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