Life is Strange developer talks new game, Vampyr

Now, the existence and title of Dontnod Entertainment’s follow up to their episodic adventure game Life is Strange is by no means a new revelation- with the developer announcing it before the latter even debuted- but a recent blog post has finally shed some light on the new project, titled Vampyr.

Information beyond the title and a basic logline of the project remained mysterious after the announcement, but in a post to the European PlayStation blog, the game’s director Philippe Moreau shared more details, including new concept art.

As a polar opposite to the studio’s last outing, Vampyr will be an action role-playing game set in London during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. Oh, and you play as a chap named Jonathan Reid, who just happens to be a noted surgeon and vampire, whom will combat both human and supernatural antagonists using vampiric¬†abilities and his shiny surgery set.

The through-line with Dontnod’s projects seems to hinge on player choice, and Vampyr will apparently be no different; with your actions having major consequences throughout the game. Moreau specifically highlighted that no one is off bounds, with the player able to target nearly anyone, including the city’s civilians, with your choices effecting the world narrative.

“The information you gather, the things that you see, and the relationships [you] nurture will all define your decisions,” Moreau writes. “But you will have to feed. You cannot escape that you are a vampire.”

Moreau concluded more details will be coming soon.


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