Sly bringing Rambo T.V series to a screen near you!

Just to be perfectly clear from the onset, I fucking love First Blood. The movie had kick ass 80s action, Sly at his peak- complete with his most decipherable dialogue to date- and at its core, a heartbreaking narrative about the social disenfranchisement of returning Vietnam servicemen. That shit was mint!


I'm tentatively going to give this the 'Rambo-two-thumbs-up'

I’m tentatively going to give this the ‘Rambo-two-thumbs-up’


Okay, 33 years on, Fox has closed finished final negotiations to bring the titular character to the small screen, according to a report from Deadline. The show would focus on and explore the relationship between John Rambo and his ex-Navy SEAL son, J.R., who has appeared suddenly through the magic of screen writing!

The project concept has been in development since 2013, but Stallone and other executive producers have only recently started pitching it to networks. So far there is no word on whether Sly would be reprising his role as Rambo, but Jeb Stuart (the writer of Die Hard and The Fugitive) has been confirmed to be helming the project.

No joke, this could actually be an interesting concept. If the show chooses to focus on character with an attempt a social commentary and less on unloading belt-fed M60s, colour me intrigued.


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