Trademark registration hints at new Katamari

After ten games in less than a decade, it’s been three years since the most recent Katamari release. Dry those tears, it seems a new game is rolling its way towards us – that is, if a new trademark registration is to be believed.

Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy

Bandai Namco has apparently filed a trademark for Tap My Katamari with the Japanese Office for Harmonisation in the International Market, registering the name for use with all manner of games-related products. “Hand-held electronic games” are mentioned, but so are “coin-operated amusement machines”, so we’re really none the wiser about which platform/s it’ll appear on. Given the title, though, we’re guessing smartphones are pretty likely.

Previous title – Touch My Katamari – was released in 2012 for PlayStation Vita, and received solid-but-not-great reviews.

Unsurprisingly, Bandai Namco has not made any statement about the title, so act surprised when it does!

While you’re waiting, why not take a look at @KatamariItems on Twitter? It’s an ongoing catalogue of every item from the Katamari series, one at a time. I love it.

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