Watch a sprawling hour of Just Cause 3

Obviously, Just Cause 3 is one of those games that everybody will play differently, so showing off huge chunks of gameplay isn’t quite as spoileriffic as it could be. At least, that’s what Avalanche Studios has decided, releasing a video showing the first hour of the open-world experience, a week before release.

Obviously with a game as vast, varied and as open as Medici with its 400 square miles of beautiful beaches, towering mountain peaks and Mediterranean inspired towns your first hour of play might be different to ours. But we thought we’d focus on some of the early missions and content to whet your appetite ahead of next week’s launch. Enjoy.

As well as the new setting of Medici, the video also shows off a bunch of Rico’s new tools and abilities (we still love that grapple+wingsuit combo), to give you a better idea of just what’s in store.

Just Cause 3 is headed to PS4, Xbox One and PC from December 1, but you’re going to need a beefy rig to play this one on desktop.

Just Cause 3 - PC System Specs

Just Cause 3 – PC System Specs

For more information, check out our recent interview with game director Roland Lesterlin, from PAX Australia!

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