World of Tanks adds Australian-only Drop Bear content

Listen up, commanders! The team at Wargaming are giving you – yes, you! – an opportunity to show off your Australian pride while on the World of Tanks battlefield. No, they’re not handing out Southern Cross tattoos. No, they’re not changing the game’s soundtrack to something by either Farnesy or Barnesy. Instead, they hope you like drop bears!

The World of Tanks Drop Bear emblem

The World of Tanks Drop Bear emblem

The drop bear, of course, is a savage creature native to Australia that looks suspiciously like the calm, peace-loving koala. Unlike their eucalyptus-chewing cousins, drop bears are deadly man-eaters, who dive from the treetops onto unsuspecting tourists (drop bears rarely attack Australian residents, perhaps being soothed by our charming local accents).

Anyway. To celebrate the land Down Under, Wargaming has set up a mission exclusive to Australians, which will give you a Drop Bear emblem that you can apply to up to ten vehicles!

Earning the emblem is pretty simple. You need to win a random battle in a Tier IV or higher vehicle, and rank in the Top 3 by EXP earned. You can repeat the mission x10 per account, but you do need to have a DropBear token in order to unlock the mission.

If your life is incomplete without this terrifying logo adorning your tanks, act fast. You’ve got a bit over a week to complete the mission, so get in before November 30th or you’ll miss out!

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