World of Tanks PS4 open beta starts early December

Rejoice, lovers of the military metal behemoth! World of Tanks will be playable by PlayStation 4 users in an open beta in the first weekend of December.


World of Tanks on PS4

Boom goes the dynamite!


Even better news, you don’t even need to sign up. Just download the game through PSN and get right into the 15v15 shell storm! Man, I shouldn’t have led with the ‘even better news’ hook, because the good just keeps on coming!

World of Tanks is free-to-play, so no need for a pesky PlayStation Plus subscription to play online, and all your progress in the beta will carry over into the full release. On top of all of that, Wargaming is just giving away a PS4 premium tank with a special skin just for downloading the game. Those who play during the beta weekend will be handed a second premium tank, the M22 Locust, with a custom emblem.


The World of Tanks open beta for PS4 will be running from December 4-6. So download it and ruin someones day…

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