PS2 emulation finally hits the PS4?

Before you start clambering excitedly towards your stacks of old PS2 games, emulation does not mean backwards compatibility. Alas, that’s Microsoft’s winning pick up line right now.

So, if we all use our collective consciousness as a figurative time machine and jump back to the start of 2014, some may remember that Sony told developers to get hyped as they were planning to bring PSOne and PS2 games to the PS4 via the magic of emulation. Unsurprisingly, folks aptly got hyped- because nostalgia is a hell of a drug and the only way to fly. But then nothing really came of it, until now that is.

Hello, old friend.

Hello, old friend.


Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, playing the role of a digital Sherlock, have uncovered that the classic Star Wars titles bundled with the Battlefront PS4 have the telltale signs of running on an emulator. According to the Eurogamer’s rather in depth report, the emulator upscales graphics, which is not ideal for your 2D gems like Disgaea, but has 3D assets come looking as fancy as a hotel; thanks to the increased resolution. The emulator also employs black bars to enable image output at 1080p AND totally increase the cinematic experience!

That’s pretty much all they’ve managed to tease out so far. Here’s a link to their video, as they have a much better grasp on this than I.


If you’re digging the idea of getting to play the games from yesteryear you loved or may have missed in their original run, it’s a darn good day to have a PlayStation!

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