Forza 6 introduces microtransactions very quietly

In a surprising move, it looks like you can now use real-world money to buy in-game credits in Forza Motorsport 6, two months after the game’s initial release. The update has been rolled out quietly, not long after developer Turn 10 said it would not add microtransactions to the game unless players started “asking” for them.

We haven’t seen anyone making that sort of a request, and yet – here we are.

The setup is simple: Use real-world cash to buy tokens (one token is 500 in-game credits), which can then be exchanged for cars, upgrades and Mod Cards. In Australia, a pack of 325 tokens will set you back AU$3.95, with bundles available in varying sizes up to 20,000 tokens for AU$139.95 (no, really).

Of course, it’s entirely up to Microsoft and Turn 10 if they want to add microtransactions to their game. They’re not a popular addition – particularly in full-priced AAA releases – but it’s the studio’s choice. This time around, though, Turn 10 were adamant microtransactions would not be added, particularly after Forza 5 was slammed for relying on additional purchases a little too much.

Content director John Wendl explained the changes before the game hit shelves:

Between rewards for the Forza faithful, the new prize spinner, and increased payouts in the career, there’s a lot of ways to earn [credits]. We just basically wanted to remove that sort of friction. The only way microtransactions would come back is if sometime in the life cycle, players are asking for it, just as an option or something like that. We’re hoping the in-game economy will support how people will play the game.

Unfortunately for us, it looks like that in-game economy isn’t enough, and we’re stuck – again – with a game that can now keep its best bits locked behind a paywall.

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